JH - 31-08-4th source, 01&03-09-'70


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Tivoli Grona Lund: Source 4

Stora Scenen, Grona Lund, Stockholm
August 31, 1970
4th Source - recorded by PN
Master - digitally restored & speed corrected
Thanks to Hans-Peter Johnsen
1. Lover Man
2. Catfish Blues
3. Race With The Devil
4. Ezy Rider
5. Red House
6. Come On
7. Room Full Of Mirrors
8. Hey Baby / Drum solo
9. Message Of Love
10. Machine Gun
11. Voodoo Child
12. In From The Storm
13. Purple Haze
14. Foxy Lady / Star Spangled Banner

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Jimi Hendrix
Stora Scenen, Liseberg,
Gothenburg, Sweden

[Almost Complete Show]; 45:05 / 45:03) Aud; 1st Gen
except patch in "Hey Joe" (59): 2nd Gen)
Digitally Restored - Noisy channel stripped off, some EQ and substansial de-noising

- Source walkthrough:
"Spanish Castle Magic",
"Killing Floor",
"Hear My Train A-Comin'",
"Message To Love" {cut at 7:00},
"Hey Baby (New Rising Sun)" {cut at 1:28},
"In From The Storm",
"Hey Joe" {cut at 1:14 - 1:37 patched with 2nd Gen tape},
"Foxy Lady",
"Red House" {start cut, cut at 5:54},
"Room Full Of Mirrors" {start cut},
"Straight Ahead",
"Purple Haze" {cut at 3:00 - 3:04},
"Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)" {cuts at 11.35 & 11. 38,
taper rewinded the tape and recorded 2 bits of audience noise over the end of the track}.
- More Complete version of this Show than any other Circulating versions, including the versions available on
"The Warm Hello of the Sun" and "Jimi's Last Visit to Sweden Vol.2"

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(1st,2nd & 5th source merge)

This one sounds more like a stereo recording than a merge, though at times you are reminded
of the fact you're listening to a merge, nonetheless it's one of the best merges I've heard:)

Up until "Freedom" I mixed 3 sources: Source 1 left, Source 5 right and Source 2 in the middle.
Alot of pitch corrections were done on source 1 and 5. No EQ or filters were applied.

Since Source 5 ends with "Freedom" the rest of the concert consists of the two remaining sources:
Source 1 left and Source 2 on the right.

I remixed the 'pre-Red House' part to omit source 2, leaving
Source 1 and 2 left and right respectively.
But Source 2 is still used to fill gaps.

I am tempted to re-do "Hey Baby" since some phasing occurs at the very beginning.
This occurs a few times throughout the merge, though very briefly.
Also source 5 begins to stutter violently during "Hey Baby" followed by a gap then resumes
and continues to stutter well into "AATW". I chose to cover it up with source 2 and by keeping source 5 lower in the mix until the
'stutter-part' was over.
(this isn't the case with the 1 and 5 mix)

Source 2 is the most complete source and fills gaps from the original tapes left and right
so you'll hear some panning going on a few times.

My guess is Jimi played in Eb that evening tuning down only 1/2 step. His voice sounds like at IOW. When I tried E tuning suddenly Jimi sounded like 1967. That was even worse.
Since I wasn't there I'm not 100% sure.